Environmentally Responsible.

From the very beginning, CMC Services has always remained committed to providing top-quality cleaning solutions that were both safe for the environment and those that live in it. As part of our Green Program, all of our professional cleaning services include 100% environmentally preferable and biodegradable products (packaged in recycled and recyclable materials) in order to reduce the amount and types of hazardous chemicals released into the environment and the associated health risks. The result – a visibly cleaner and safer environment for our employees, clients and their guests. 

Our Commitment to Sustainability.

We continuously strive to reduce our environmental impact in every way possible. At CMC Services, all of our employees are fully trained in environmental and health cleaning procedures, with a strong emphasis on how products are to be both used and disposed of properly. Irresponsibly disposing of chemicals could potentially end up in the water system and have very negative ramifications for the environment and your health.

Safer for the Environment. Safer for your health.

In our continuing efforts to providing the very best 'green' cleaning solutions for our clients, we consistently research and tryout new eco-friendly products as they come out and keep up with the latest, most efficient cleaning methods and technologies. We purchase products manufactured within Canada, are LEED certified and those that bear the UL ECOLOGO symbol - the most trusted name in safety. This means that the cleaning products we use have undergone third-party verification and rigorous scientific testing, to prove its compliance with strict, third-party, environmental standards. At CMC, we truly value the importance of sustainable green cleaning and we will continue to find more ways to ensure that our cleaning practices are as environmentally responsible as they can be.

Professional, Cost-efficient, Eco-friendly Cleaning solutions!