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Our Services

Cleaning service concept. Steam vapor cleaner removing dirt from carpet in flat, closeup

Cleaning Services

Our specialty Cleaning Services include Full Carpet Cleaning, Tile and Grout Cleaning, Marble Polishing, Floor Stripping and Waxing and more. 

Close-up of person with yellow gloves cleaning the floor using a mop

Janitorial Services

We offer customized service contracts made to fit your unique schedule and requirements. CMC specializes in Condominiums, Retail/ Commercial Buildings, Office Buildings, as well as Institutional facilities. 

Equipment, cables and piping as found inside of a modern industrial power plant

Building Maintenance

We offer live-in or live-out Superintendent Services, which includes Emergency On-Call Services, Daily Readings & Generator Tests, Garbage Disposal & Recycling, Free Building Audit and more. 

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